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Logistic Regression

Example | Psychology
Which factors (e.g., gender, social class, ethnicity, activities) determine the likelihood of graduating from college?
Example | Medicine
Diagnosing a certain disease given various signs and symptoms of a patient.
Example | Business
Judging the creditworthiness of a customer based on certain characteristics, e.g., age, family size, income, number of credit cards, duration of employment.
Example | Engineering
What are the critical factors in the production process for achieving a certain specification of the product?

Logistic regression answers questions similar to those handled by discriminant analysis. In this case, the probability of belonging to a group is determined as a function of one or more independent variables.

If the dependent variable has only two categories, a binary logistic regression is performed. If the dependent variable has three or more categories, a multinomial logistic regression is conducted.

In addition to the analysis of group differences, logistic regression may also be used to predict an event.